Testina offers authentic yet modern Italian dishes inspired by the dining experience in Trippa Milano, transporting guests to the family dining table in Italy. The name Testina, โ€œheadโ€ in Italian, is reflective of the cooking philosophy of Trippa: every part of animal is utilised, including offals and rare cuts of meat, transforming overlooked or lesser-known ingredients into culinary delights.

The menu at Testina is based on traditional recipes rooted from generation to generation, renewed and refined with personal style and with a focus on nose-to-tail approach, presenting comforting dishes prepared with deep passion and sophisticated techniques to be enjoyed by Hong Kong and global diners.


3/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace,
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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00โ€“15:00; 18:00โ€“23:00

Closed every Tuesday

+852 2798 0668

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